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IV Therapy & Vitamin Injections

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IV Therapy & Vitamin Infusions
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IV Therapy
IV Therapy
IV Therapy
IV Therapy
IV Therapy
IV Therapy

What it Treats

  • Low Energy
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Cures Hangovers
  • Relieve Headaches
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Aids in Disease Prevention & Immune Function

Come give your body the vitamins + hydration it requires in our luxurious lounge.

IV Therapy Menu

Luxury Meyers ~ $325

The Meyer’s Cocktail IV is a powerful blend of high-dose B vitamins, vitamin C, and essential minerals (magnesium and zinc) combined with sterile water. This potent formula offers numerous benefits, including enhanced nutrient absorption, increased energy levels, immune system support, and improved overall wellness.

About Last Night ~ $295

This infusion provides a comprehensive blend of essential nutrients to cure a hangover. The vitamin blend will enhance hydration levels, improve energy levels, support the immune system, reduce inflammation, offer pain relief, ease nausea, and increase overall well-being.

Recovery IV ~ $345

Let’s face it, we are hard on our body especially when we’re trying to optimize our performance. Our bodies need to recover and rebuild so we created the Recovery IV. We added the essential vitamins, enzymes, and minerals that your body needs for nerve and muscle function, energy production, and cell growth to get you back to performing your best. The cherry on top is the added Anti-inflammatory that will help with any inflammation.

*This can be paired with a custom Sports Massage as a package to help you recover faster! Ask us about the The Recovery Package! 

Not today, Sickness! ~ $245

This infusion provides hydration, enhanced immune support, and increased antioxidant protection with max Vitamin C, Zinc, B-12 and Glutathione. An injection of NAD+ can be added to contribute to improved bone health, immune function, energy production, and cellular rejuvenation. You’ll feel better faster!

Just A Boost ~ $195

Looking for just some added hydration and an increase to your overall energy levels? This treatment has B complex vitamins to give you that quick boost.

The Quick Fix! ~ $95

Intimidated by IV therapy, but still looking for that “hair-of-the-dog” cure? We have the solution! A quick combo of nausea and headache reducing medications can be given as a simple injection and change your whole day! Don’t let headaches and hangovers ruin your fun.

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Infuse your body with the good stuff

Welcome to the beautiful world of IV Therapy! At La Bella Medical Aesthetics, people know where to turn for the latest and greatest aesthetic treatments. To support that, we now offer IV infusion therapies to give you the rejuvenation your skin and body deserve. Fight back against signs of aging, low energy, or chronic fatigue, or enhance athletic performance with vitamins and hydration designed to create improved overall health.

Your IV Therapy Experience at La Bella Medical Aesthetics


Preparing for Treatment

If this is your first time at La Bella, you’ll meet with our experts to discuss your concerns. If we determine that IV Therapy and vitamin Injections could support your goals, we will work with you to develop your curated treatment plan.

Your IV Therapy experience at La Bella Medical Aesthetics


The Treatment

Your provider will do an intake evaluation, including a blood pressure measurement prior to starting your treatment. Relax in our state-of-the-art lounge chairs and allow our staff to pamper you while you receive nourishing vitamins and hydration therapy. Numbing will be applied to make the process as painless as possible.

Your IV Therapy experience at La Bella Medical Aesthetics


After your Treatment

Expect your treatment to take an hour. Side effects are minimal, and you can resume normal activities after. Most people feel better than ever following IV Therapy treatment. Your provider will ensure you have any aftercare instructions you may need at the time of your appointment.

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la bella's curated experience
la bella's curated experience
la bella's curated experience
la bella's curated experience
la bella's curated experience
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