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Aesthetic Treatments for Men

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Curated treatment plans for men’s aesthetic wellness

The world of medical aesthetics has focused its attention on helping women feel confident in their skin, but at La Bella Medical Aesthetics, we know this is not a women-only space. Men get the same benefits from aesthetic treatments as women—increased confidence, better skin health, and a brighter outlook on all facets of your life

Whether you want laser hair removal, collagen-induction therapy, Botox or more, our team of highly trained medical aesthetic professionals offers unparalleled outcomes for men in and around Farmington.

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Medical Aesthetic Treatments for Men



Botox and Dysport

These neuromodulator injections temporarily “freeze” the movement of small facial muscles that create wrinkles during your facial expressions. Our precision and training ensures only the necessary muscles are targeted, leaving you fully able to express yourself without worrying about wrinkles.

Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers are ideal for balancing your facial features, such as a diminutive cheekbones or jaws, and can restore lost volume.


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a natural product full of growth factors derived from your own blood. PRP has been used for decades to heal sports injuries and has amazing applications for your skin health.

Skin Health


Skincare Consultations

Before your treatment, you will sit down with one of our qualified providers to discuss your concerns and the goals you want to accomplish. Together you’ll come up with a treatment plan curated to your needs.


HydraFacials are a staple of medical aesthetics for many who want a fast, refreshing facial that leaves your skin immediately brighter and softer.

Chemical Peels

The original resurfacing treatment, chemical peels use specified formulas applied for specific amount of times to peel away the rough, damaged outer layer of skin and let fresh, healthy skin take its place.

Skincare Products

The products you use at home are the most important part of maintaining and improving the look of your skin.

Skin Rejuvenation



Microneedling stamps your skin with tiny needles, creating micro-injuries that stimulate healing and collagen production to renew your skin.

BBL HERO Photofacial

BBL HERO uses innovative broadband light technology to interact with your skin at an RNA level, achieving genuinely younger skin.

Halo Laser Skin Resurfacing

For a gentler resurfacing experience than other lasers, the Halo laser is a customizable tool that allows us to effectively resurface without extended healing and downtime.



Laser Hair Removal

Toss out your razors and trimmers and embrace the ease of laser hair removal. We treat any area of the body safely with our innovative advance on laser hair removal, Forever Bare BBL.

Emsculpt NEO

Sculpt muscle and burn fat at the same time with Emsculpt NEO, the most innovative body sculpting device available.

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Explore your options with Farmington’s best provider of medical aesthetics for men.

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la bella's curated experience
la bella's curated experience
la bella's curated experience
la bella's curated experience
la bella's curated experience
la bella's curated experience