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Our Medical-Grade Skincare Offerings

Real Results Start and End at Home

The area’s most sought-after aesthetic providers

If you’re investing in yourself with aesthetic treatments at La Bella Medical Aesthetics, you can’t stop there and expect maximum results. The products you use at home touch your skin far more often than the treatments we use, so it’s vital to make sure the ingredients you use are pure and right for your needs!

A one-of-a-kind elevated experience

Our medical aesthetic experts understand every product we offer and know which will support your specific skin concerns.

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Why is medical-grade skincare important?

Maintains, extends, and enhances results from your aesthetic treatments

Recommended and guided by medical professionals

Higher concentrations of active ingredients

Pure, safe ingredients

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Learn More About Medical-Grade Skincare Products

Explore your options with Farmington’s professional skincare experts.

Building Your Professional Skincare Routine


Start With the Experts at La Bella

Before investing in professional-level skincare, you absolutely want to start by talking with dermatological experts like our providers. This ensures you have a medical opinion on the appropriate ingredients for your skin.

Building Your Professional Skincare Routine


Determine Your Skincare Schedule

Now that you know what products to use, you’ll want to make sure you’re applying them in the right order and at the right time of day. Retinol and glycolic acid toners, for example, are ideal evening treatments but not recommended for the morning since they can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. We’ll ensure you understand not only when to use your products, but why the order is important.

Building Your Professional Skincare Routine


Enjoy lasting results!

Now that you’ve been equipped with everything you need to support your skin at home, all that is left to do is keep to your routine and reap the benefits! On its own, medical-grade skin care takes about 3 months of regular use to see results, but if you’re supporting your aesthetic treatments you’ll enjoy nothing but brilliant, healthy skin.

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Exactly What You Need, Nothing You Don’t

At La Bella, we never try to sell you something that won’t work or help you. We urge our patients to invest in medical-grade skincare because we know it’s a truly important aspect of your aesthetic journey.

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Skincare That Works for You

That’s why we’re here: to leverage our expertise and find you the exact right product(s) to support you. Everyone has unique skin and unique goals; our job is to find and customize the perfect formula for you.