The La Bella Medical Aesthetics Experience


Welcome to La Bella Medical Aesthetics


New to La Bella Medical Aesthetics? Welcome! There is nothing more exciting to us than a new skincare nerd who is ready to join the club. 

Whether you’ve been thinking about dabbling into the world of cosmetic dermatology for a while now, or maybe a friend mentioned her new love of Botox and piqued your interest, everyone is welcome! 

You might have done some research—or maybe a lot; either way, we are here to help. So let’s get started. Any Google search will show you that there are infinite ingredients, brands, and procedures all waiting to be the grand savior for your skin. It is overwhelming from the get-go, but that’s why we’re here. 

It may have been serendipity, or maybe you read some Google reviews, but there’s a reason you found us. So what’s the difference? 

The La Bella Story

When it comes to La Bella, there are key reasons that bring people in and more importantly, make them stay. One of the owners, Anja, has been a part of the cosmetic dermatology industry for years, and felt like most offices treated clients like a number on a page with a conveyor belt bringing them in and out: 15-minute Botox appointments, and your exit is on the right. She wanted a place that strived for giving patients a high quality experience. 

You matter to us, and that’s how it should be. That’s why we’ll encourage you to ask questions and call when you need us, it’s never a bother.


Our Process

There are so many ways you can get started at La Bella Medical Aesthetics. You can book an appointment online, send us an email, text our phone number, or give us a call! We tried to cover all the bases to make the experience perfect for you. 

If you like to make an appointment with a person, or have a few questions, feel free to call our administrative team. They’re here to make the experience fun and informative. Or maybe you remember you want an appointment at 9pm at night after the kids finally go to bed; no need to fear, you can try our Virtual Scheduling Tool anytime!

Nothing beats a big bold BOOK NOW button to make it easy to find—glasses or not. 

New patients to the practice should always start with a consultation appointment. By booking a consultation with our experts, it gives them the time they need to truly understand what you need. With so many options, we always look to tailor everything—from skincare to our procedures. 

Our Approach

At La Bella, we treat skincare from a holistic approach. What have you been using for skincare, any past procedures, and what are your main concerns—these are some of the questions you’ll be asked! 

And don’t fret—our staff will take the time to walk you through every procedure that makes sense for your skincare concerns and end goals. With a consultation, our time together is extended, so we can talk about it all. Some procedures can even be completed during a consultation appointment. Our favorite gal, Botox is one of them!  


Get Started at Your New Favorite Medical Spa in Farmington

The goal of La Bella was not to be the typical doctor’s office that most come to expect with cosmetic dermatology. 

It was made to be an experience that touched every sense; when you walk in our door, you can feel it. Our carefully curated scent, our modern spa decor, and fun, upbeat music will be the first thing you notice. Come early? You wouldn’t be the first. We have fruit-infused water, multiple tea options, frothy Nespresso coffee, and don’t forget our delicious sauvignon blanc or sparkling rosé for your sipping pleasure. There is no clock in the lobby for a reason. 

So please, sit back in our comfy chairs, sip your rosé, and forget all your stress. It’s officially your time.  


Feel free to explore our website, or contact us today for more information about our services! 


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